Seven Guiding And Practical Principles For Making A Good Hire

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The internet has truly changed how we live. The distance and comfort of air travel is remarkable. Medical devices yield deeper insight than we thought possible just 15 years ago.

The internet, airplanes, and medical devices, however, create ZERO value. People create all value! Think about it. People imagine, invent, move, use, transform, adapt, and create. The aforementioned in-animates exist only because of people.

Since all organizations exist to create value, and people create all value, hiring the right people is of utmost importance. The task is worthy of our best effort. 50+ years of academic research, plus a more recent inquiry from Google, illuminate best practices. At RainFocus we followed the data trail to implement a process that gives us the best chance to hire candidates who will succeed. We follow these seven guiding principles to ensure we hire best-fit people for each role:

1. Quality is the #1 metric. Not speed. Urgency never outweighs hiring a best-fit person.

2. RainFocus writes detailed job descriptions so candidates and interviewers know the facets of a job.

3. The RainFocus process includes the four most highly correlated interview methods — work sample, technical questions, cognitive, and culture.

4. RainFocus has a bank of questions for each interview method. A candidate is scored for each interview method against a Likert scale that contains a written definition. RainFocus evaluates every candidate against the Likert standard, not against each other as a relative standard.

5. In order to tamp down on bias, RainFocus does not allow interviewers to share feedback about a candidate with other interviewers until all written feedback is submitted in the applicant tracking system.

6. RainFocus requires a candidate to be interviewed by someone outside the hiring department. An outside the department interviewer has only 1 objective–hire the best-fit person. She/he is not under the pressure to hire, and can feel strong loyalty to the process.

7. RainFocus believes in the wisdom of teams. The hiring manager does not have the final say. Candidates are hired based on Likert scores and consensus of the interview team.

To make sure you are hiring best-fit people, implement a hiring plan that is built on proven data, a structured process and the belief that a team of interviewers, following the process, will select the right candidate. Because after all, ‘People create all value‘.

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