Q4 2018/Q1 2019 Product and Feature Updates

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RainFocus is dedicated to continuously improving our products and services to simplify event management, personalize experiences, and consolidate data for significantly better events.

With a mission to remain the best-in-class event marketing platform and a desire to help RainFocus customers reach their unique goals, here are examples of just a few recent product improvements:

What it is: RainFocus Report Builder
Why you should know about it: RainFocus Report Builder—which was released in January—allows you to compose your own tabular reports quickly and easily, starting with one of 35+ available report templates. You can then sort, filter, manipulate, and organize your event data until you have the exact real-time insight you need.

What it is: Established API and integration frameworks
Why you should know about it: To ensure a consistent and user-friendly process for managing APIs and integrations, the RainFocus API team added the ability to establish versioning, created improved testing standards, generated annotation-based documentation, and much more.

What it is: A new Flow Builder user interface
Why you should know about it: The new Flow Builder interface, which is set to be released soon, will decrease the time it takes RainFocus’ customer success team to create or make changes to event flows and processes for customers.

What it is: Enhancements to RainFocus’ session scanning and lead retrieval apps
Why you should know about it: In addition to regular maintenance improvements, lead scanners were made more efficient, given a longer battery life, and the user interface was updated for easier navigation.

What it is: An improved widget builder for the Session Management user interface
Why you should know about it: We’ve made it easier than ever to configure and manage session catalogs by adding features like navigation and search functionality.


As you can see, we are dedicated to making RainFocus’ platform and product offering bigger and better every day. We look forward to working alongside our clients to innovate as we continue to build the future of event management and marketing!

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