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event management softwarePutting on any event can be a handful. You need to juggle several tasks, such as sending out invitations, managing registrations, collecting payments, sending invoices, creating an event website, and monitoring results. All of these can take up much of your time. To save yourself time and effort, invest in event management software.

Things You Should Look for in Event Management Software

Event management software refers to business solutions used to manage different events, such as trade exhibits, academic conferences, or corporate conventions. Here are some things should consider when searching for event management software that will suit your needs:

The Event Management Software Must Meet Your Requirements

Check what the event management software has to offer, and see whether it suits your needs. Review its basic features with your team to know whether it has what it takes to solve your problems.

Test whether the event management software is easy to use. After all, the platform is there to make things simple for you and not to further complicate things. You should also ask the company if you can have a trial period for its event management software. At RainFocus, we offer a product demo for you to get the feel of what our platform can offer.

The Event Management Software Should Be Effective in Data Collection

Data collection is made easier through event management software. Your guests can simply encode their information into your database. This can minimize errors compared to you manually transferring their information from paper registration forms to your system.

The RainFocus platform is equipped with reporting and analysis functions. With our drag-and-drop insight tool, you can create reports that you can share with your team. Our event management software can help you keep everybody informed about what occurred during your event.

The Event Management Software Should Have Survey Tools

An event management software that allows you to conduct surveys can get you helpful feedback on your event. These studies will show you what attendees would like to see at your next gathering. You will also learn how you can improve your process for your upcoming event and possibly get better returns.

RainFocus can be used for surveys and analytics. Using our event management software, you can learn more about your attendee engagement over the years.

The Event Management Software Must Offer Flexibility

Using various platforms for different event types can be expensive and disorienting.

Choose an event management software that can handle a variety of events types. The event management software should allow you to cover the basic aspects of planning your event, no matter what its nature is or how many attendees will be there.

The Event Management Software Should Be Secure

Cybersecurity is essential these days. You need to secure your participants’ information, particularly for registration. The event management software must have security measures in place to prevent possible online frauds and phishing scams. You may start by reading the software developer’s privacy policy.

The Event Management Software Must Have a Reliable Support Team

The company must offer support for its event management software. Your provider must have a quick response time, especially if you’re experiencing downtime or technical glitches with the event management software. These issues may sometimes happen when you least expect it. If the vendor is not available for support, then you might experience delays.

At RainFocus, we have a support team ready to help you with any possible issues with our platform. We will do everything to address your concerns.

Need a Cutting-Edge Event Management Software? Contact Us!

Are you looking for ways you can better manage your upcoming events? Do not hesitate to contact RainFocus today to learn more about our event management software. With our event management software, we can help streamline your duties for your event. You may also visit our website for more information regarding our event management software.


RainFocus is here to help you consolidate your event marketing strategies. Our company created the first and only event management platform that focuses on the attendee experience instead of the event itself. Using one platform, you can utilize data to help you handle, market, and grow your events. It can help organizers with the following:

  • Better Insights

We do not just stop at simply gathering data from those events; we create actionable insights out of it. Our platform can stay connected with every development and opportunity from all your gatherings.

  • Better Experiences

Every event presents a lot of challenges. You can customize our platform for the specific needs of your events. Using our user-friendly drag-and-drop feature, you can personalize the platform for registration, content, and exhibitor workflow.

  • Better Marketing

Our platform can help you drive higher engagement from your attendees. You can use our platform to provide personalized content and recommend activities to your attendees.

Our Story

RainFocus was born out of the need of a platform that can connect experiential activities to valuable return on investment (ROI). Event management technologies do not have the means of combining experiential data to come up with actionable insights. As a result, marketing teams tend to base their decisions on instinct rather than on reliable data.

We worked on fixing this crucial gap. Our company designed a platform that serves as a record system of experiential data and a source of insights. Using real data-driven intelligence, we can drive significant ROI through experiential activities, behaviors, and preferences.

Existing event management technologies are not flexible enough to accommodate the different needs of organizers. These systems are isolated, expensive, and complicated. Given this situation, we decided to create our own event management solution that utilizes data and foster innovation. Built from scratch, our platform manages all aspects of events without expenses for maintenance and development.

Armed with this platform, we are here to revolutionize the way organizers view and handle event management. We are here to help planners get the most out of their events using valuable data.

The Event Experience

Take charge of every aspect of your event using our platform.

  • Registration

Draw more first-time attendees and increase the number of repeat participants using easy registration paths. We make registration easy.

  • Performance Analysis

Our platform can help you generate reports and dashboards that you can cascade to your team. These reports keep every staff member in the loop with every aspect of the event.

  • Event Marketing

Drive for personalized and engaging experience for participants in your event.

  • Sponsorship Sales

Sell greater sponsorships in several categories through improved targeting. Using our platform, you can also better manage all the paperwork more efficiently.

  • Attendee Management

Our customizable attendee management feature can highlight the most actionable item in your events for better efficiency.

  • Session Management

Get higher session engagement by checking insights gathered from all of your events, all in one place.

  • Exhibitor Management

Improve quantity and quality of leads and average contract value.

  • Speaker Management

Let our platform help you handle tasks, schedules, presentation files, and behaviors. With better efficiency, you can focus on the more important things in your event. Instead of spending hours on mundane tasks, you can direct your attention to the speaker involved in your event.

  • Surveys and Analytics

Check your participants’ engagement in all of your events. Use our platform to improve content to serve your audience better.

  • 1:1 Meetings

Connect your participants to experts through our meetings tool. You can also use this tool to set up meetings and strengthen relationship between attendees and experts.

Contact Us Today

Are you planning to set up an event? RainFocus offers a platform, tools, and features that planners can utilize to streamline and make the most out of their event. Feel free to call or email us to schedule a demo. You may also visit our website to learn more about our company and our platform. If you have an event issue, we have the solution. We can help you manage your next event with event management software.