Truly altered experiences – this time it’s all about you, and it’s personal.

While other solutions are built around the event, our platform was built around creating a genuinely personalized experience for you, the attendee.


By leveraging real-time user behaviors and a wealth of historical data.


Unified marketing is no longer just an idea.

It’s time to stop pretending that point solutions
are the solution. Only RainFocus can help unify
your marketing strategies.

With one platform you can transform all of your
marketing data into insightful, actionable
intelligence that can be used to manage, market,
and grow your events.

Experiential marketing isn’t the future;
it’s your daily routine.

The RainFocus Experience:


You are the new school. Technology works for you, not the other way around.

ROI isn’t about analyzing the results; it’s about creating them. It’s about demystifying the events management process and leveraging your ROI with powerful insights.

You now have the tools to see, adapt, and act on the moment—before it’s gone.

The RainFocus Experience:

Registration Manager

30,000 check-ins,
1 cup of coffee,
0 Headaches.

Your job starts long before the event and ends
well after. It’s not just about swiping badges; it’s
about attracting the right attendees and getting
them where they need to go.


With automated intelligence, you can serve
up relevant experiences before, during, and
after the event for deeper engagement.

The RainFocus Experience:


You bring the talent;
we’ll take care of the rest.

Congratulations. You’ve changed the rules of engagement.

You’ve leveraged your events into a valuable
resource that extends the impact of each session
long after the show. You keep your attendees
engaged, informed, and coming back for more.

The RainFocus Experience:


So many prospects,
exhibitors, none of the hiccups.

You manage the mother of all to-do lists.

Our exhibitor portal puts every detail and
task at your fingertips. All your prospects,
exhibitors, and up-sells are in one platform.

You now have control of the process and
the experience. It’s time to lighten your load,
not the outcomes.

The RainFocus Experience:


You attended it; you worked it.
You kicked it at the afterparty.

Whether you attended 30 sessions or scanned 3,000 badges, you made it. It’s time to celebrate the win.

You engaged, you learned, and you excelled!

And when you are ready for the next one, we will be there to help you take it to the next level.

Explore the platform
that makes it all possible.